PS3 Becomes Top-selling Game Console

For the first time in quite a while, PlayStation 3 topped sales charts as the best-selling console last month. NPD, an industry analytics company, said that the boost in sales was primarily a result of the GTA V 500 GB hardware bundle with the Sony platform. For the past 32 months, the Xbox 360 has been the top dog, and despite relatively weak sales in September, finally crossed the 80 million unit threshold.

Posting just over a billion in sales, September was a strong month for the U.S. side of the industry. Grand Theft Auto V, NPD analyst Liam Callahan said, was a "shot in the arm for the industry" and demonstrated how "Grand Theft Auto V can shake things up in hardware as well as software."

With this much money being dumped into new old consoles, it'll be interesting to see if these strong September sales take a bite out of PS4 and Xbox One's holiday numbers. 

  • Retrowire
    So it's the best selling console of this time? Nintendo 3DS doesn't count against the Home Consoles then?
  • StarBound
    Didn't the Wii sell something along the line of 120mil? And don't forget the PS2 did something like 140mil+
  • godfather666
    lol, neither of you read the article. It was only the top-selling in that one month, September. and in one country: USA
  • wmalinowski
    Another misleading title again......
  • sykozis
    I hope they're not basing console sales information, off that chart. That chart has nothing to do with hardware sales. It's a games sales chart...
  • clonazepam
    I wonder what Beyond Two Souls will do for October's numbers... if anything. I have no idea if it'll even be a blurp on the radar or not.
  • Nada190
    Still like Xbox more, don't know why, I LOVE Sony.
  • SteelCity1981
    wait until the ps4 comes out with better grahics processing and 100 dollars cheaper the the xbox one sony will be ontop of the console sales market for a while.
  • kulmnar
    PS3 has recently exceeded XBOX360 in total console sales...80M units for PS3, 78M units for XBOX360:

    Of course, Wii is still #1 with 100M units sold (and will probably continue to be #1 with that $99 price tag).
  • belardo
    But what percentage of those 78m 360s are dead due to RODD? back when there were only 30m units or so... failure rate was about 30%!

    I've still yet to meet any person in real life who is going to buy the xBone. They are all PS4... as will I.