PS4 Gets Its First Post-launch Firmware Update

The PS4 has been available for almost a full week; yesterday Sony released the console's first firmware update. The update, 1.51, addresses stability issues and also contains some minor UI tweaks or 'refinements.'

For users in North America, your PS4 has automatic downloads for system and game updates enabled by default when the console is in stand-by mode. This means you don't have to do anything to download this update. Your PS4 will automatically download it once it becomes available.

The PS4 launched last week in the United States and Canada. Come November 29, the console will launch across Europe and in Australia. It will then launch in the UAE and Saudi Arabia on December 13. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia are getting the console on December 17, 18, 19, and 20, respectively, while South Korea, South East Asia, South Africa and India are also supposed to get the console in December. A total of 99 days after the U.S. launch, on February 22, 2014, the PS4 will hit Japan. Presumably, update 1.51 will be available right out of the box for users in these regions.

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  • ssalim
    Why does Japan get it last?
  • clonazepam
    Everyone else is beta testing for Japan? Games available now for the PS4 are of little interest to the Japanese market? I'm making wild guesses because I have no clue =)
  • bochica
    Because they are still in training. Once they get the PS4, they will be on the "hacker" level of skill and slaughter us on the Multiplayer field.
  • NightLight
    well, 3 out of 4 people i know who have one say it's ... mediocre at best... I haven't actually tried one, so, i can't judge yet, but those people are serious ps3 fans :s
  • invlem
    If its not enabling blue tooth devices its not worth it... I'm liking my PS4 except for the fact that everything blue tooth is broken, even my official Sony made PS3 blue tooth headset doesnt work.... WTF.... last I checked blue tooth was a standard. how can the console not support it...

    Console = Nice, Lack of use of any of my current peripherals = BS
  • dimar
    I was at Future Shop few days ago, and wanted to try the PS4 demo. But the screen was frozen :-) I decided to get the next hardware revision, since the first one is probably buggy.
  • cklaubur
    Does the PS4 automatically download AND install the updates? If so, I'm not sure I'd like that. I know I've dodged a couple bad firmware updates on my PS3 because I didn't have automatic updates enabled.

  • grokem
    My experience says that we're all beta testing for Japan. You can't imagine the level of perfection they expect out of everything. I have read that it's so bad that it's actually hurting their economy because perfection hurts efficiency.
  • wdmfiber
    12002075 said:
    Why does Japan get it last?

    Because the country is doomed. Their debt to GDP is insane. Plus: Fukushima, Russia up top (Kuril Islands dispute), China below (Diaoyus/Senkakus islands dispute). =They're constantly scrambling F-15's. And in the USA, Kia & Hyundai are out-dumping Toyotas.

    You work in a factory so you can buy food and pay the "family mortgage", that has been inherited for generations.

    A PS4, that would be an unacceptable indulgence... And just plane unaffordable for the masses.
  • jankeke
    Why does Japan get the PS4 last ? Simple.

    Sony doesn't have an unlimited stock of PS4s so they want to sell as many PS4s in countries where the Xbox usually does well or not too bad before the Xbox one is out. The Xboxes historically don't sell well in Japan so there is no need to beat the Xbox one's release date in that country. It's clever business.