QNAP Launches Speedy Gaming NAS With 2.5 GbE Networking

QNAP announced a new family of NAS devices on Tuesday. The TS-x53D 2.5GbE NAS series target both gamers AMD professionals that require high-speed network storage for their daily activities.

The TS-x53D series' biggest attraction is the built-in 2.5GbE networking. The NAS sports two 2.5GbE Ethernet ports to deliver transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps without a sweat. If 2.5GbE connectivity isn't enough for you, the TS-x53D series features a standard PCIe 2.0 slot that lets you install expansion cards that'll upgrade to 5GbE or even 10GbE networking.

Intel's Celeron J4125 quad-core processor powers the QNAP TS-x53D series. The 10W chip comes equipped with a 2 GHz base clock and a boost clock that climbs up to 2.7 GHz. The processor's integrated Intel HD Graphics 600 solution takes care of all the graphical responsibilities.

The TS-x53D series feature two SO-DIMM DDR4 RAM slots and can be configured with up to 8GB (2x 4GB) of memory. QNAP offers the TS-x53D series in 2, 4 and 6-bay configurations. The NAS can house both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch devices, whether they be hard drives or lightning-fast SSDs. As expected, the drives communicate with the NAS via a SATA III interface.

QNAP TS-x53D Specifications

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ModelDrive BaysProcessorMemoryPCIe 2.0 SlotHDD Sleep Mode / Operating Mode (W)Cooling FanDimensionsPrice
TS-253D-4G2Celeron J41254GB DDR4 (1x 4GB)x48.198 / 12.4481 x 70mm6.61 x 4.13 x 8.9 inches$469
TS-453D-4G4Celeron J41254GB DDR4 (1x 4GB)x211.3 / 25.981 x 120mm6.61 x 6.69 x 8.9 inches$579
TS-453D-8G4Celeron J41258GB DDR4 (2x 4GB)x211.3 / 25.981 x 120mm6.61 x 6.69 x 8.9 inches$679
TS-653D-4G6Celeron J41254GB DDR4 (1x 4GB)x218.634 / 35.4372 x 90mm6.61 × 9.25 × 8.9 inches$699
TS-653D-8G6Celeron J41258GB DDR4 (2x 4GB)x218.634 / 35.4372 x 90mm6.61 × 9.25 × 8.9 inches$799

That PCIe 2.0 slot we mentioned has additional uses,. You can install QNAP's own QM2 expansion cards to add M.2 SSDs to your NAS or the QWA-AC2600 wireless adapter to enjoy Wi‑Fi 5 connectivity. It's important to note that only the 2-bay model provides four PCIe 2.0 lanes through the slot, while remaining models are limited to two PCIe 2.0 lanes.

Regardless of the model, each NAS provides the same level of connectivity. There's one HDMI 2.0 port that delivers 4K resolution at a 60 Hz refresh rate, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports and three USB 2.0 ports. If you're not using the PCIe 2.0 slot for anything else, you could also install an expansion card to get some USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports.

QNAP backs the TS-x53D series with a a limited three-year warranty, but you can extend it to five years by purchasing a warranty extension.

QNAP TS-x53D Price and Availability

The new devices are already available online. The 2-bay and 4-bay models sell for $469 and $579, while the 6-bay model retails for $699. Where applicable, the 8GB variants cost a $100 premium, which seems like an upsell. The cheapest 4GB SO-DIMM DDR4 module on the market goes for $15. We would recommend opting for the base model with 4GB and expanding the memory on your own. That should save you a lot of money.

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