Quad-Core CPUs in Half of All Notebooks in 2015

About 49 percent all notebooks shipped in 2015 are predicted to come with quad-core processors, up from 9 percent this year. The market research firm estimates that 160 million notebooks in 2015 will offer four cores, compared to just 21.2 million in 2011.

“The cornerstone of PC performance, the microprocessor, is continuing to evolve to provide new levels of performance to the PC market,” said Matthew Wilkins, principal analyst at IHS. "The battle now has moved from the dual-core segment into the quad-core area—and next will spread to the six-core realm.”

As hexa-core processors are also entering the notebook market, the quad-core CPU will be the norm and make up the clear majority of the notebook market. IHS iSuppli believes that 18 percent of notebooks will integrate six processing cores.

The market research firm also offered an outlook for heterogeneous microprocessors in notebooks that place a GPU on the processor die. The company predicts a rapid adoption and expects 90 percent of notebooks sold in 2015 to use this technology.

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  • THEfog101
    *Waiting for the usual whine about battery life*
  • aznguy0028
    THEfog101*Waiting for the usual whine about battery life*

    Pssh, battery! We all know that notebooks in 2015 will be ran on a small nuclear reactor ;)
  • Yargnit
    Only 50%? Shouldn't it be 50% by 2013 when both Intel and AND should be on 22nm? By 2015 they should both be on 18nm (I believe it's 18nm next, no?) and anything above bottom budget laptop would have hex core processors at least I'd think. (Hell, even the tablets coming out early 2012 are supposed to be quad core)