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Qualcomm's Ikanos Acquisition Adds Chipset, Gateway Platform To Improve Broadband Performance

Qualcomm recently closed its acquisition of Ikanos Communications, a vendor best known for its wired modem technology, and now that same acquisition gives way to Qualcomm reveal of the addition of a new chipset and a new gateway platform for its OEM customers.

Qualcomm boasted that the marriage of the two industries — Qualcomm's home networking and Ikanos' modem technology — brings what Qualcomm calls a "comprehensive, end-to-end product suite for gigabit broadband.", a DSL standard, typically reaches high speeds on very short loops, but Qualcomm's newly announced chipset can reach throughput speeds of up to 1 Gbps over a 100 meter copper loop. Additionally, Qualcomm's new chipset supports VDSL 35b, a standard that typically competes with the

Its new chipset contains Vx686 customer premises equipment (CPE) and Qualcomm's very own Velocity-5U single-port distribution point unit (DPU). The Vx686 CPE requires low power, meaning manufacturers can power their Qualcomm chipset-equipped products through USB. DPU thermals and power consumption have also been addressed.

Also present in Qualcomm's chipset is the Qualcomm inSIGHT-BXM, its proprietary software suite dedicated to DPU provisioning, integral diagnostics, line throughput qualification and noise mitigation. The chipset and inSIGHT-BXM are optimized for SDN/NFV frameworks.

Qualcomm's new gateway platform uses the Fusiv Vx585, an xDSL gateway processor from the newly acquired Ikanos. The gateway design supports ADSL to and VDSL 35b, and contains dual-PCIe connectivity for Wi-Fi modules, Fusiv acceleration processors, and Qualcomm StreamBoost and inSIGHT-BXM. These new suites include Qualcomm's VIVE 802.11ac MU | EFX MU-MIMO technology, Ethernet switches, PHYs and powerline technology.

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  • kenjitamura
    Haven't been too happy with my Zyxel VDSL Modem so if this product comes in under $100 I'll probably make the jump.