Quanta Sets New Record for Laptop Shipments

Taiwanese-based laptop manufacturer Quanta Computer has said that shipments and revenue for June were the highest it has ever seen. IDG reports that the laptop company, which counts Sony, Dell and HP among its customers, says the increased number of shipments probably has to do with an easing of component shortages and some customers placing July orders early.

Quanta shipped nearly 4.8 million laptops in June and earned NT$100.2 billion, or $3.1 billion, in revenue. The second best month for shipments and revenue was in April, when Quanta shipped 4.5 million notebook computers and posted revenue of NT$97.0 billion. Quanta says things are expected to take a dip in July before jumping back up in August.

"We expect July to slow down a little bit from June, but [shipments] should come back in August," the spokesperson told Network World.

  • chickenhoagie
    and none of these profits will go to the laborers.
  • atdhe
    100 Billion, that's a lot of money of money for just 5 million laptops WTF!

    Then I realized, 100 Billion Taiwanese dollars are just 3 billion American ones... sigh...
  • agnickolov
    Don't confuse revenue with profit. The profit margins on these are pretty thin...
  • WarraWarra
    So what is the specs of these laptops that makes them this hot ?

    Maybe "Forest Gump" laptop manufacturers could take a hint from Quanta's success and build the same as it might just work here in "live is like a box of chocolates" country.
  • dEAne
    Wow they can do that?
  • rantoc
    The need of the few (execs) outweights the need of the many (workers).

    Nothing new in todays world where there are quite litterary some people who walks over corpses to get a few extra dollars to put in the already overgrown pile.
  • michaelahess
    WarraWarra, they are an ODM (Original Device Manufacturer) they only make device to their customers specs. So Dell says "build me this" and they do it. This most likely includes most models from many many companies.
  • Kahless01
    quanta builds a good bit of acers laptops also. prices for the mb's range from 50-600$ depending on what it has on it. some of them have the 3dchip and processor on the MB which jack the price way up. processor you dont see as much, 3dchip you used to but now everyone is moving to pciexpress.
  • kronos_cornelius
    There nothing wrong with entrepreneurs profiting. However, they should take a risk and increase supply, which would increase employment, and economic growth (for the world!).