Rapoo Launches Two Keyboards with Built-In Touchpads

Not to be bested by Microsoft, Rapoo this week launched two keyboards with built-in touchpads, perfect for lounging in front of the Smart TV and for navigating Windows 8.1 without a touchscreen or mouse. The Rapoo E9080 and E9180P Wireless Touchpad Keyboards are available now for $59.99 at Walmart.com, Adorama.com and other retailers.

"Rapoo's ultra-slim, 5.6-mm, E9080 and E9180 Wireless Touchpad Keyboards combine two peripherals in one easy solution," states the PR. "Boasting a sleek, aluminum exterior and scissor key structure, the keyboards with integrated touchpads provide a cable-free, stylish and comfortable typing experience."

First up, we have the E9080 Wireless Touchpad Keyboard. This model is ideal for customers who don't want to sacrifice the numpad, as the built-in touchpad serves two purposes: to provide gesturing and cursor movements on the screen, and to provide a number pad thanks to the printed keys on the touch surface. As for the E9180P model, it's virtually the same, but doesn't have the number pad capability. This keyboard, along with the other model, is compatible with desktop PCs, laptops or gaming consoles, and runs on a 5 GHz wireless connection to avoid interference from other wireless devices.

Both keyboards also feature Fn multimedia keys, allowing users to control shortcut operations for audio playback, volume adjustment, browsing the Internet and more. The keyboards even have a "small and unobtrusive plug-and-forget" nano receiver; the device may tie up a USB port, but at least it doesn't stick out like an appendage.

For more information about these two products, head here. Looking for a great Mother's Day gift? This might be the ticket if she's into tech gadgets or likes to stream video on her Smart TV. The keyboards would also seem ideal for business trips and vacations given their size.

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