Raptor Lake iGP Loses to Intel's Older UHD 770 Graphics in Benchmark

(Image credit: Intel)

A new Raptor Lake graphics benchmark has appeared on SiSoftware's benchmark browser, showcasing an unknown Raptor Lake-S mobile CPU rocking 32 cores and 13GB of DDR5 memory, paired with an integrated graphics engine featuring 256 streaming processors clocked at 1.2GHz. 

Surprisingly, the benchmark results show less-than-impressive performance from the modern iGP. Intel's much older HD 770 graphics engine beat out its Raptor Lake counterpart in many of the tests.

Do note that SiSoftware isn't the best benchmark for noting real-world performance, so take these results with a grain of salt.

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Benchmark results:Raptor Lake-S IGPHD 770 Graphics
GP (GPU) Processing321.32 Mpix/s396.16Mpix/s
GP (GPU) Memory Bandwidth34.40GB/s24.46GB/s
GP (GPU) Cryptography (High Security)4.33GB/s 5.35GB/s
GP (GPU) Image Processing (Normal/Single Precision)224.73Mpix/s278.63Mpix/s
GP (GPU) Image Processing (Low/Half Precision)296.96Mpix/s365.31Mpix/s

For comparison, we've used an Intel UHD 770 graphics result from SiSoftware, which is one of the closest Intel GPUs to the Raptor Lake benchmark results we found in the benchmark's browser. Specs are also very similar, with the same 256 stream processor (or shading units) count as the Raptor Lake iGP, but clock speeds are higher on the 770, topping out at 1.4GHz. 

However, the Raptor Lake iGP should have an advantage being on a much newer GPU architecture and faster memory compared to Intel's UHD 770 graphics engine. But the benchmark results don't reflect this, with the UHD 770 graphics taking a win in every benchmark test. The only exception is the memory bandwidth test, thanks to the newer DDR5 memory on the Raptor Lake system.

At this point in time, Intel is still in the middle of Raptor Lake development which is believed to come out sometime later this year, according to a previous report. This would explain the strange performance characteristics of the Raptor Lake CPU, as it is in its prototype stage right now.

When it's final, we would expect Raptor Lake's iGP to outperform Intel's current Xe graphics powering its Alder Lake lineup, with Raptor Lake being the current architecture's eventual successor.

Aaron Klotz
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