Raspberry Pi Plays Video on Wall of CRT TVs

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: CRT Dream)

We love seeing makers reuse old hardware and this project, created by CRTDream, is a fantastic example of how much fun you can have with some Raspberry Pis and four spare CRT TVs. CRTDream has built a 2x2 Pi-powered CRT wall using CRT TVs connected to four Raspberry Pis that synchronize together to work as a big screen.

Using an application called PiWall, the CRTs are capable of playing one video across all four displays. This is one of the best Raspberry Pi projects we’ve seen involving CRT TVs. It doesn’t require much programming experience, and the end result is notably exciting.

According to CRTDream, it’s constructed using four Raspberry Pis and is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Raspberry Pi 4. Four 3.5mm to RCA A/V adapters connect the Pis to the TVs, while a 5-port Ethernet switch communicates with the devices in tandem.

The operation is primarily handled by PiWall—an open-source tool available at GitHub created by Edinburgh College of Art. OBS is used to stream the video along with ffmpeg to broadcast the stream across the network.

To get a closer look at how this project goes together, check out the full tutorial at the CRTDream website.

Ash Hill
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