This Raspberry Pi Delivery Robot is Controlled by Live Stream Chat

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Eben Kouao)

Getting packages from point A to point B is more fun than ever thanks to Even Kouao’s Raspberry Pi delivery robot project called the Droiid. Not only can you watch this cool robot on live stream, but you can also tell it where to go by typing commands into its live stream chat. Slap a fluffy red cap on it, and you've got "Twitch Plays Santa Claus."

The best Raspberry Pi projects bring us together, and what better way to do that than through the internet via live stream? The Droiid has a built-in basket that can support a 22lb (10kg) load and even has LEDs to use as turn signal indicators. Users can also make the delivery bot speak using text-to-speech on the Raspberry Pi.

According to Kouao, the commands are received from either YouTube or Twitch chat streams and parsed through an Arduino web server as JSON objects. Saying “move? left” in chat will cause the delivery bot to make a left turn. A Pi Cam module provides the video output for the live streams.

The main controller behind the system is a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB model while an Arduino Uno and an Arduino Mega are used for processing chat input and controlling the wheel motors. The Droiid is designed to use 6 wheels instead of the typical quad design found on many robotic cars. The chassis was designed from scratch by Kouao and 3D printed on an Ender 5 Pro.

Kouao shared plenty of details about how the project goes together as well as a full parts list for anyone interested in creating a Droiid delivery robot at home. Check out the full post at and be sure to follow Kouao for more updates and future projects.

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