Raspberry Pi HPi95LX Project is a Retro PDA Masterpiece

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Rune Kyndal)

This Raspberry Pi project may be the most retro cyberdeck project we've seen in all of 2020. Maker Rune Kyndal decided to spruce up an old HP95LX with the addition of a Raspberry Pi inside.

The project was born from Kyndal's desire to create a usable palmtop capable of running a full Linux distro. The end result is this beautiful Raspberry Pi Zero-powered HP95LX device.

The original display had been replaced with a 4.3-inch LCD. It connects directly to the GPIO pins, has a resolution of 800 x 480 and supports capacitive touch. It has stereo audio output and uses a USB microphone. It's fitted with a micro USB LiPO charger to recharge the lithium-polymer battery inside.

According to Kyndal, the keyboard membrane had to be reverse-engineered and uses a Teensy keyboard controller to act as a USB keyboard.

There are already plans underway for more upgrades, including the addition of a Raspberry Pi webcam. Check out the full project page on Hackaday and be sure to visit our list of Best Raspberry Pi Projects for more creations from the maker community. 

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