Raspberry Pi Marine-Based Network Rig Adds WiFi to Your Boat

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Zoomerli)

The Raspberry Pi is a notably flexible device but every now and then we stumble across a project that reminds us of just how useful it really is. Take for instance this clever marine-based network project created by a maker known on Reddit as Zoomerli.

With the help of a Raspberry Pi, Zoomerli is able to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to their boat as well as extend that support to other devices. The Raspberry Pi even acts as a personal computer—saving space where space is limited—and has been fitted with an SSD for extra storage.

The main component used to add Wi-Fi support is a huge, omnidirectional Wave XL WiFi antenna from RadioLabs. It connects via USB and offers a notably large range of support. The official product page claims to have connected to an access point 7 miles away during testing. A GLiNet-brand travel router is used to distribute the connection to mobile devices.

Some of the best Raspberry Pi projects we’ve covered are environmentally friendly and this one is on the list. Because Zoomerli is using this setup off-grid, the power source comes from 12v DC solar panels. The Raspberry Pi is also fitted with a UPS HAT from Amazon for a little flexibility in case something like a battery pack needs to be used instead.

Check out the original thread at Reddit for more details and a closer look at this cool, Raspberry Pi marine-based network rig.

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