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Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server Case Looks Like a Block of Ore

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: ehisforadam)

Hosting a Minecraft server looks more appealing than ever, thanks to this exciting Raspberry Pi server project from a maker known on Reddit as ehisforadam. This Pi-powered server is designed to look like a block of ore from Minecraft and can be adjusted with custom RGB LEDs.

Inside this ore-inspired case, you'll find a Raspberry Pi 4 running a Paper MC SMP server (this application is used for hosting Minecraft servers). The setup also uses a 128GB Samsung Evo 960 M.2 SSD. There are boards inside, salvaged from an Argon One case, used for mounting the Pi and SSD into place.

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: ehisforadam)

The entire case was designed by ehisforadam using CAD software. The outside of the case is made from laser-cut plywood with an inner layer of acrylic to diffuse the LED lights.

Check out the complete thread on Reddit for more details about the project. You can also explore our list of Best Raspberry Pi projects for more cool creations from the maker community.

This isn't the first Minecraft Pi-project we've featured. This LED sign project uses a Pi to illuminate one letter in the Minecraft logo for each friend detected online for a particular server. 

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