The Raspberry Pi GPIO Reference Bound for Your Virtual Coffee Table

A page from the Pinout PDF
(Image credit: NODE & Baptiste)

Lucky readers who found a Raspberry Pi under the tree this Christmas and are wondering about the GPIO pins should look no further than a free PDF, produced by NODE & Baptiste and blogged about by Adafruit.

As much a work of art as a reference guide, the PDF is strikingly designed and covers a multitude of boards - including the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and Raspberry Pi Pico - cables, modules, and other electronics components. There are too many to list here (130 in total), but happily there's a full rundown on the official site. Each page in the PDF lists the functions of a particular device's pins, and is accompanied by a web page with further technical detail - some link to Wikipedia, others to official datasheets. This reference guide is set to rival The Art of Electronics  for a place on maker's (virtual) bookshelves.

You may have heard of NODE before, they are responsible for a number of wonderous Raspberry Pi projects including a slimmed down Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 4 mini server and a "nano" server based on a Raspberry Pi Zero which fits into a wall wart.

Currently at version 0.2, the Pinouts PDF is regularly updated with new information, and is completely free to download and admire. Should you wish to support the project, a range of T-shirts is available featuring the achingly beautiful monochromatic line drawings that make the PDF so handsome. We hope that a beautifully bound coffee-table tome is in the project’s future.

Ian Evenden
Freelance News Writer

Ian Evenden is a UK-based news writer for Tom’s Hardware US. He’ll write about anything, but stories about Raspberry Pi and DIY robots seem to find their way to him.