Razer and ASRock Integrate Chroma RGB on AMD B550 and X570 Motherboards

(Image credit: Razer YouTube Channel)

During the RazerCon 2020 live stream, Razer announced a partnership with Asrock to bring the world's first motherboard with integrated chroma RGB to the market. Razer announced the integration will be coming to B550 and X570 Asrock boards by Q4 of 2020. So it appears this is going to be a mainstream feature for Asrock boards, not some one-off SKU. It is surprising to hear Chroma RGB is only coming to AMD platforms this year, with no word on integration with Intel platforms. (Via Reddit)

In the keynote, Razer showed a quick teaser of the yet unannounced Asrock B550 Taichi Razer Edition. Gone is the steam-punk themed gold and black aesthetic, instead replaced by an all-black color scheme with lots of RGB slits and LEDs. The chipset area includes a Razer Chroma RGB logo on presumably an OLED display. Hopefully, it'll be similar to OLED panels found on graphics cards where it will tell you CPU or GPU temperatures, clock speeds, memory usage, and other important info. However, the placement isn't great as a graphics card (especially a triple-slot card) will block a lot of that screen.

The B550 Taichi Razer Edition was the only board teased, so far we don't know which SKUs will get the "Razer Edition" treatment, but we should be seeing them very soon.

Aaron Klotz
Contributing Writer

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  • SkyBill40
    I'm wondering how much extra the "Razer Tax" will add? I've never built with ASRock but this is a cool looking board and the Chroma integration is slick... but that's about where it ends.