Razer Drops New Seiren Microphone, Kiyo Webcam For $100 Each

Razer has two new peripherals for those who want to improve their broadcasting setup. There’s another Seiren microphone available and a new webcam that should help with any lighting issues.

The company markets the Seiren X as the most compact microphone in its lineup. Unlike the other two microphones in the Seiren series, which have four different polar patterns to pick up sounds, the Seiren X features an enhanced cardoid pattern to pick up more sound at the front at a tighter angle. With such a sensitive microphone, Razer also added shock mounts inside so that it doesn’t pick up additional disruptive noise during a stream. The lengthy specs on the Seiren X are available on Razer’s website.

Whereas its previous webcam, the Stargazer, focused on depth of field, the new Razer Kiyo is focused on lighting. The compact camera includes a ring light, which improves the illumination on your face during a livestream session. Razer said that it features 12 brightness levels so you  can find the right lighting intensity without blinding your eyes. You can get footage up to 60 frames per second at 720p, but at 1080p it’s restricted to 30 frames per second. Out of the box, the Kiyo is compatible with the Open Broadcaster Software and XSplit apps.

The Kiyo and Seiren are both available on Razer’s online store now for $100 apiece. If you can’t buy from the company website, you’ll have to wait until sometime in Q4 to get your hands on these new peripherals.