Razer Showcases 24K Gold Viper Signature Mini Gaming Mouse

24K Gold Viper Signature Mini
(Image credit: Min-Liang Tan)

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has shared some images of a special custom one-off edition of the Viper Signature Mini gaming mouse. This spectacularly opulent sample stands out from the crowd as it is made, Tan says, of 24-karat gold.

The Razer Viper Signature Mini is a well regarded gaming mouse, closely related to the (wired) Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse we reviewed back in 2020. Part of the signature device's appeal is that it has a lattice cut-out shell for weight relief. If the newly teased mouse’s shell is solid gold, then the weight relief will be even more welcome. However, it still isn’t going to be light. Razer didn't answer a question asking if the mouse is solid gold or only gold plated.

If you bought a Razer Viper Signature Mini from a store, you would get a device with a shell forged from a magnesium alloy. The density of magnesium is a mere 1.74 grams per cubic centimeter. If we assume it is a 50-50 alloy with aluminum which has a density of 2.73 g per cubic centimeter, we could day that the alloy density is about 2.25 g per cubic centimeter.

Gold is nearly 9x denser, at 19.3g per cubic centimeter, so the change in material is going to result in a significant change to the device weight, unless the 24K Gold teased is just a few microns of plating.

Don't expect to get your own. When asked about how this custom design came about, the company only pointed out the ways the average person can customize a Razer product, like Razer Customs and Razer Skins. "though this takes that to the next level," a Razer spokesperson told Tom's Hardware.

"We pushed design to the brink of what's possible in terms of materials while still having a fully functional product," the spokesperson said. "Similar to our approach with CES concept products every year, we're always striving to innovate well beyond established tech and design conventions."

Another mystery around the 24K Gold Viper Signature Mini special order is – who is it for? The picture of the presentation box arouses even more curiosity as what looks like a nameplate has been blurred out.

Perhaps the blur is so that someone’s birthday surprise isn’t ruined. Other possibilities are that the mouse is on the way to a famous, or infamous, person.

We might never find out who Razer’s 24K Gold Viper Signature Mini customer is. In his Tweet/X, the Razer boss stated that “We don't have a list price to it because it's just so insanely over the top and special,” so you must need a ton of money.

Updated August 31, 4:48 p.m. ET, with comment from Razer.

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  • Giroro
    Razer's software has gotten even worse than it used to be.
    For me it's at the point it completely forgets the LED profile I set up every time I reboot, so I have to start from scratch and screw around with its app-within-an-app-within-an-app Synapse junk multiple times a week, all in service of turning off the hyper-annoying default rainbow strobe- Which is probably the sole reason most people ever install this bloated nightmare. I've tried updating and reinstalling for no difference.

    I think I'm at the point I'm either going to have to De-solder the LEDs so I can uninstall the crapware, or just buy a new mouse.
    But whoever gets the gold mouse (possibly nobody, maybe a self-congratulating Razer exec) will probably never have to deal with the software, because this is yet another one of Razer's exhausting fake-clickbait "viral marketing" April-Fools style influencer products, which we really need a word to describe.
  • gg83
    I use only 10% of the overall razer software. It's mostly a waste of space. I set everything to wave. The major problem is having to login to a stupid rgb software.
  • PEnns
    Well, the billionaires in China, on Wall Street and elsewhere cannot be seen using a regualr mouse like the one we peasants use!!
  • Neilbob
    Gosh, that's not a tacky monstrosity at all!

    And even more of a nuisance than usual when the buttons inevitably stop clicking properly.
  • rabbit4me2
    Just goes to show you Jobs are down in the US people don't want to work. Groceries are exceptionally high everywhere. Sports are more important than jobs. And they come out with a gold mouse to add to all the stupidity.