Report: Sony Starts Production of PlayStation 5

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Sony's PlayStation 5 was set to debut last Thursday, but amid protests surrounding the death of George Floyd, Sony announced last week that it was postponing the launch event. Regardless, production is reportedly set to kick off as originally scheduled, meaning the first units will be produced this week, according to BusinessKorea's unnamed sources.

The publication said that back-end suppliers are starting to get to work on the PS5. Of course, Sony won't be making most parts in-house but will instead order parts from various third-party vendors. It's likely that Sony's partners have long been stock piling inventories in preparation for assembling the first retail units. It's unclear how much those efforts might have been deterred by COVID-19-related factory closures and slowdowns.

It's no secret that an AMD APU will be the beating heart of Sony's next-gen console. This AMD-design chip features eight Zen 2 CPU cores, along with an RDNA 2 GPU and will be manufactured by TSMC.

The PS5 won't lack for RAM either. The APU will be wired to 16GB of GDDR6 memory. The console will also pack nearly 1TB of SSD storage space. This translates to a huge amount of DRAM and NAND that needs to be fabricated, and the PS5 is expected to account for roughly 5% of those markets throughout 2020, BusinessKorea reported. 

Sony hasn't announced a new date for the PS5 launch event yet. 

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    New reveal date is See you Thursday, June 11 at 1:00pm Pacific time (9:00pm BST) for a look at the future of gaming on #PS5:

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