Roccat Unveils New Kova Gaming Mouse

Following the success of its Kova[+], Roccat has released a new higher-performance Kova gaming mouse.

The new Kova gaming mouse possesses a more advanced Pro-Optic R6 optical sensor, allowing it to run natively at 3500 DPI, which is 300 DPI higher than the Kova[+].  The new Kova also has a built-in "Overdrive" mode, which takes advantage of a Turbo Core V2 72 MHz 32-bit ARM-based MCU to artificially double the DPI sensitivity to 7000 DPI.

"The Kova[+] was cherished by gamers for its sleek aesthetics, and that's something we wanted to keep when re-imagining the mouse for the games of today," said ROCCAT founder and CEO, René Korte. "The new Kova is a worthy successor to the name, carrying on the tradition of streamlined performance. It features a high-octane, sports-car like build with staggering power under the hood. We're sure it will delight hardcore gamers as well as fans of the original."

In addition to the typical mouse buttons, Roccat placed two programmable "Smart Cast" buttons on each side of the mouse. Roccat claimed that with the use of its Easy-Shift[+] technology that the available buttons could be doubled to a total of 22.

The mouse has LED lights on all sides, which can be configured to up to 16.8 million colors. The scroll wheel and the mouse body can be changed independently.

The new Kova will be released worldwide November 17. In Europe it will retail for 59.99 Euros, but a U.S. price has not been set at this time.

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  • Larry Litmanen
    $60 is OK for a gaming mouse. I actually could use a better mouse at work, i came to conclusion why should i suffer with their cheap mouse when i can just buy one and use it as because i am using it for 8 hours a day.

    I did the same with Keyboard and Mousepad long time ago, now is time for the mouse as well.