Roccat’s Ryos MK FX Keyboard Available Now, Includes RGB Lighting

Roccat’s Ryos lineup of keyboards has a new member in the form of the Ryos MK FX. It was initially shown at CES 2015, but it’s finally available for customers.

This is the first mechanical keyboard from Roccat to include full RGB lighting. Other keyboards from Roccat have full keyboard lighting, but you can only assign a single one color for all of the keys. With the MK FX, you can have the full color spectrum on each key.

You can set it to one of two lighting modes: preset and custom. Preset features programmed effects already included in the software, but you can also create custom lighting effects with various colors. All of the programming is done through Roccat’s “Swarm” software app.

It also comes with Roccat’s Easy-Shift function, which allows a secondary assignment for most buttons by holding down the Easy-Shift button key. There are a total of 94 programmable keys, five macro keys and three “thumbster” keys (located below the spacebar). There are also two jacks, audio in and audio out, located on the side of the top-left corner of the keyboard.

The MK FX is powered by two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors and has 2 MB of flash memory to store your custom lighting and programming configurations. It also uses Cherry MX Brown switches, and it’s unclear whether or not Roccat will accommodate other color switches from the Cherry MX roster. The MK FX is available now for $169.99.

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  • Morbus
    I just ordered my Ryos MK Pro with MX Brown and it should arrive this Thursday. I hear they have very bad LED reliability, so I didn't go for the RGB version.

    MX Brown for the win!
  • dekarguy
    Mine arrived today, the driver isn't updated though, so I can't use any of the effects :(