Blue Light Special: Rosewill RK-9300 Keyboard With Cherry MX Blue Or Brown Switches

Rosewill has a new keyboard, the RK-9300, which comes in Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Brown varieties.

The RK-9300 has a fairly austere look, with an all-black design and an aluminum top panel that extends out and down at a slight angle, like a mock wrist rest.

The keys are backlit but have only blue LEDs--a feature omission that some won’t love, but it’s slightly more of a “grown up” look than all-red backlighting. (Even cleaner would be white backlighting.) There are three lighting modes: one with all the keys backlit, one with all but the numpad area lit, and one with only the WASD and arrow keys lit. The fully-lit option has a breathing mode, and there are four brightness levels. (Presumably, there are actually five, assuming one of the levels is “off.”)

The underside of the keyboard offers a pair of flip-up feet and a cable routing trough with three openings across the top of the keyboard--left, center, and right. On either side of the RK-9300, at the top, are a pair of what our own Thomas Soderstrom would call “cupholder”--some bit of decoration that are kind of snazzy looking but ultimately appear to serve no purpose.

The upper right side of the keyboard has a bank of notification lights. The F keys double as media and volume controls, including brightness, Windows lock, and more. It also features n-key rollover. The RK-9300 features no software, and there’s no way to create macros.

The two versions of the RK-9300 list for $99, but both are available for $85 on Amazon (Blue switches and Brown switches) and Newegg (Blue switches and Brown switches).

Rosewill RK-9300
TypeFull size, 104-key
SwitchCherry MX Blue or MX Brown
Sensing MethodConductive (metal)
Polling Rate--
LightingBlue backlighting
Key RolloverNKRO
Additional PortsNo
Key CapsABS
Dimensions18 x 6.5 x 1.6  inches
ConstructionAluminum top plate
Misc.-Four lighting modes, four brightness levels
-Three-way cable routing trough
-F keys double as media controls, etc.
Price$99 MSRP, street price $85