Roxio pumps out RecordNow 9 music software

Santa Clara (CA) - Roxio, subsidiary of Sonic Solutions, today announced the latest version of its RecordNow CD/DVD burner software. The new software adds a handful of features for music editing and management.

RecordNow 9 Music Lab Premier is Vista compatible and adds a slate of new features for the creation and editing of digital audio, including audio cleaning and noise reduction features, a utility that allows users to record streaming audio on the Internet, and the ability to create custom ringtones.

In addition, there is a handful of digital audio management tools. For example, the software introduces a feature called AutoMix, which prompts the user to select a song or genre and it will create a specialized playlist from the songs available that meet the criteria or are similar to the selected track.

It also includes an application that allows users to convert files back and forth between several different formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC, and OGG. Additionally, there are new features for the creation of music DVDs, which can store over 50 hours of music with customizable interactive menus.

RecordNow 9 Music Lab Premier is available now from Roxio's website for $50. A slimmed down version, without the "Premier" label will be available at retailers soon for a suggested retail price of $30.