Nvidia Testing Priority Access Program For RTX 4090 Founders Edition Buyers

GeForce RTX 4090
(Image credit: Nvidia)

According to Suroosh on the Nvidia forums, Nvidia is testing a new purchasing program for the RTX 4090. The Verified Priority Access program guarantees a certain number of creators and gamers get a chance to buy Nvidia's best graphics card. The program requires the GeForce Experience app to work and uses an in-app notification that invites selected participants to buy a Founders Edition 4090.

Nvidia is reportedly testing this new program to ensure that some of its customer base can bypass day-one availability issues that often occur at launch. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened with the RTX 4090, with most models going out of stock almost instantly at launch. Even now, all RTX 4090 models are out of stock at retailers like Newegg and Best Buy.

Unfortunately, Nvidia did not disclose who would gain access to this priority program, or how many customers can potentially get into the system. All we know is Nvidia is testing the program with select retailers in specific countries, including Best Buy (United States), Scan (United Kingdom), NBB (Germany & Netherlands), and LDLC (France, Italy, and Spain).

If we had to guess, Nvidia is probably limiting the current test run to only the most popular gamers and streamers online today, potentially spreading out to more mainstream consumers if testing goes well. This priority program is very similar to other systems, such as EVGA's queue order or the Newegg shuffle, that debuted during the GPU shortage.

A program like this isn't bad, especially during major GPU launches. If done right, it can prevent a lot of cards from falling into the hands of scalpers and ensures at least some people can buy a GPU at launch without worrying about availability.

However, its success will depend on how many people can get into the queue and how many cards Nvidia will withhold for priority members only.

Aaron Klotz
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  • peachpuff
    Availability issues on a $1600 card? Lol right
  • a_kitten
    I got an email telling me that I could use the priority program and then could activate it via Geforce Experience. Was able to buy a 4090 Founders Edition via NBB (Germany).
  • kiniku
    I'm sure Nvidia thinks being about to sell even more $1600.00 4090 (only) series is a great thing.
  • jonathan1683
    I looked randomly on amazon and there was still stock yesterday. They didn't sell out instantly and I doubt they even had that many to begin with.
  • RodroX
    "...most models going out of stock almost instantly at launch. Even now, all RTX 4090 models are out of stock at retailers like Newegg and Best Buy. "

    Until yesterday there was stock at newegg (sellers newegg and zotac), now it seems theres only third party ones.

    Well there are some AIB models available at nvidia website, many at $1599 in case anyone needs or want to buy this GPU.
  • bigdragon
    I know I had posted comments on this forum last year recommending Nvidia do this exact thing -- sell GPUs through their own marketplace to obvious gamers as determined by gaming libraries and play time statistics. This seems like the smart way to use all that big data on consumers as an effective countermeasure to scalpers. It's not 100%, but it is better than dumping cards on storefronts where anyone can buy. I also noticed Sony doing a similar thing last year by giving PS5 order priority on their own store to people with active gamer accounts with multiple games with play time.

    I wish Amazon would adopt this sort of approach too. Getting tired of all the football spam and the mail promotions about Thursday night games. I dumped cable because regional sports fees and the price of mandatory bundled ESPN got insane. I hate seeing football ads plastered on Amazon reminding me of why Prime costs more and is likely to go up again next year. Amazon knows I don't watch football, so stop spamming it to me. >_<
  • ezst036
    Question: Are you a miner?
    Question: Can you pay $400 more?

    * * * Access Granted * * *
  • spongiemaster
    This would explain why it looked like they went out of stock instantly and none appeared on Ebay.
  • ThatMouse
    "The program requires the GeForce Experience app to work" NO THANKS!

    This is the cause of almost all Nvidia issues you are having. Please just uninstall it and save yourself some hassle.
  • xjumpmanx
    If the system works Im all for it.