Samsung develops first 512 Mbit DDR2 memory device in 70 nm

Seoul - Samsung claims it is first to have completed development of a 512 Mbit DDR2 memory device in a 70 nm production process - the smallest structures applied in DRAM manufacturing so far.

According to Samsung, the new 70 nm technology maintains continuity with the 80 nm and 90 nm processes the company uses in most DRAM production today. But Samsung believes that the 70 nm process will provide greater yields than preceding technologies: "Yields per wafer will be at least 100 percent higher than could be obtained with 90nm technology," Samsung said in a statement.

The 70 nm process technology is scheduled to be used in production beginning in the second half of 2006 for 512 Mbit, 1 Gbit and 2 Gbit densities. The company did not comment on capacities of 70 nm DDR2 modules, but the technology is likely Samsung from 1 GByte to devices with at least 4 GByte capacity on the high-end.

Samsung announced the first 90 nm devices in 2002. The completed development of 80 nm versions was announced at the end of 2003.