San Francisco Auction Raises Money For OLPC

San Francisco (CA) - An interactive marketing group in San Francisco held a charity auction believed to be the first of its kind to send the proceeds to the "One Laptop Per Child" program.

The Bay Area Interactive Group held its annual holiday party this week, and amid the activities was an auction for items such as an Xbox 360 and gift cards.

In total, the group raised $16,000 and plans to purchase 80 of the $200 laptops under the "give one get one" campaign, meaning 40 of the computers will go to targeted third-world countries, and 40 will go to the Bay area.

The OLPC laptops, known officially by the model name "XO", have a proprietary operating system with inexpensive software to teach children basic computing skills. They were originally aimed for a price tag of $100 each, but increasing costs forced that price to nearly double by the time the project was officially off the ground.