SanDisk Intros Dual USB Drive & High-Performance USB Drive

SanDisk has two new products to share, one of which is the launch of the company's very first dual USB "Ultra" drive. This device provides a microUSB connector on one end and a regular USB 2.0 connector on the other.

This design should make transferring pictures, movies and whatnot from a smartphone to a PC really easy… if the phone or tablet supports USB On the Go (OTG), that is. The OTG tech allows device owners to connect local storage by way of the microUSB port, as well as a mouse and keyboard. A special adapter can be purchased from the likes of Amazon for very little money, which you won't need if you purchase SanDisk's new dual-head drive.

With the launch comes a free SanDisk Memory Zone app to view, copy and backup files stored on a tablet or smartphone's internal storage. Users can also do the same with external storage such as the new Ultra Dual USB drive.

"The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive provides a simple, convenient way to offload and backup files from smartphones and tablets – with the peace of mind that comes with the trusted SanDisk brand," said Dinesh Bahal, vice president, product marketing, SanDisk. "This new drive integrates with SanDisk's Memory Zone app to make freeing up space on mobile devices simpler than ever, improving the user experience."

The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive is available worldwide and on in 16 GB to 64 GB capacities carrying price tags of $19.99 to $49.99.

In addition to the dual-port USB drive, SanDisk also introduced the SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.0 flash drive. The company reports that this drive provides write speeds up to 240 MB/s and read speeds up to 260 MB/s. This drive would be ideal for storing tons of photos and high-resolution video.

The new USB 3.0 drive features a "sophisticated" and durable aluminum metal casing, protecting the delicate flash-based innards. The stick also comes packed with SecureAccess software that provides 128-bit AES file encryption and password protection.

"The SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.0 drive offers world-class performance for technology aficionados who demand high-speed, durability and peace of mind that their files will be safe," said Philippe Willams, director of product marketing, SanDisk.

The SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.0 flash drive is available worldwide now and on in a 128 GB capacity. The drive's price is $199.99.