Why Wait? Sandy Bridge CPUs Are On Sale Now

The next generation of Intel Core processors, also known as Sandy Bridge, is set for a grand reveal at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There we expect to see tons of new computers using the new processor technology.

If you don’t want to wait two weeks for that, however, you may be able to build your very own in your home if you happen to live in Malaysia.

Malaysian computer retailer Compuzone posted on its Facebook page that it now has stock of the new Sandy Bridge processors as well the requisite P67 motherboards from Asus.

Although it appears that the pictures are no longer available on the Facebook page, Lowyat.net has captured a few that show the new products in the wild, including this one showing a trio of the new LGA1155 chip in retail edition.

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    I'm ready for some benchmarks..
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    This was on 4chan days ago quoting "U jelly?"
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    damn you malaysia