SATA revision 2.6 addresses SFF PC and UMPC needs

Beaverton (OR) - The Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) has posted a revision of the SATA specification, which includes enhancements for native command queuing and small form factor environments.

Version 2.6 is based on the previously published 2.5 revisions, but includes feature definitions and enhancements for new applications. New in the SATA spec is an internal "slimline" cable connector as well as an internal micro SATA connector for 1.8" hard drives for small form factor computers and UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs).

Also included is a mini SATA internal / external multilane cable and connector, which is designed for internal high bandwidth backplane designs and external use in external storage enclosures with eSATA or xSATA protocols.

Additionally, the SATA-IO improved native command queuing (NCQ) with added priority to data in complex workload environments as well as NCQ Unload, which allows a more "robust" use in laptop environments, for example when a drive is dropped.

The 2.6 spec is available now as a free download for SATA-IO members; non-members can purchase the document for $25.