Here Are the Winners of Dec. SBM Contest PCs

We all love to build our own systems, and whenever we hold our System Builder Marathons here at Tom's Hardware, we're sure that you love the systems that we build too.

We like to build them and then give them away. And today we're announcing who got to take home our custom rigs that we prepared for December 2010.

The winner of the $500 Gaming PC is Aaron Christman.

Taking home the $1,000 Enthusiast PC is Alexander Melnykovych.

The very lucky new owner of the $2,000 Performance PC is John Lynch.

Finally, the $2000 Hand-Picked Build goes to John Honess.

(See here for all the different configurations' values compared.)

Congratulations to all the winners! Everyone else, stay tuned for our next round of the SBM and hopefully we'll be making one for you next!

If you want to take our favorite configuration home with you today, you can order it from Newegg. Check out the special offer below:

The purpose of the System Builder Marathon is extracting maximum value from enthusiast components at a variety of price points. We come together at the end of the series to see whose build exemplified our goal. This time around, like last time, Newegg gave us an opportunity to pick the parts we as editors wanted to see--after the fact. Our follow-up build adds a *lot* of value to the first $2000 build, and we're much happier recommending the components in this story. As before, we've worked with Newegg to make this entire configuration available as a combo build--at adiscount to Tom's Hardware readers. The parts we ordered added up to $1920. The prices later dropped to $1749. Using Newegg's Combo link, the same setup is selling for $1679 after rebate. That's pretty impressive for a setup we already thought was a solid value close to $2000!

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • sirmorluk
    Why have the Gods forsaken me!!!!1... Grats guys!
  • Darkerson
    Congrats All!
  • stingstang
    Correction, not everyone likes the systems. Why were they given away after so long? They are all outdated already. :(
  • unknown_13
    Congrats!!!!! :D
  • Onus

    (Translation: You lucky dogs!)
  • halodude23
    I don't know, seems a bit staged... The winners, 2 A's, and 2 J's?????
  • eklipz330
  • fayzaan
    Why dont I ever win? :( the one time I did win something, it never showed up at my house :(.
  • burnley14
    halodude23I don't know, seems a bit staged... The winners, 2 A's, and 2 J's?????
    Really? You're going to resort to that? Your conspiracy theory isn't even about their last names (which would be the selection criteria).
  • mrmotion
    halodude23I don't know, seems a bit staged... The winners, 2 A's, and 2 J's?????