Scientists Made a Virus That Can Charge Your Batteries

The researchers said they have successfully engineered viruses that create electricity in response to mechanical stress. In an experiment, they coated a stamp-sized electrode with the virus, which then generated electricity as soon as the scientists tapped the surface of the stamp. This current design, the first product that uses the piezoelectric properties of a biological material, produces enough energy to power a small LCD. Future designs could be integrated, for example, in shoes or clothing - or common movable objects such as doors or wheels - to create much more energy, power gadgets or charge their batteries.

"More research is needed, but our work is a promising first step toward the development of personal power generators, actuators for use in nano-devices, and other devices based on viral electronics," says Seung-Wuk Lee, a faculty scientist in Berkeley Lab's Physical Biosciences Division and a UC Berkeley associate professor of bioengineering.

The initial results of the research is published in the a May 13 advance online publication of the journal Nature Nanotechnology. The research is quite apparently in its very nascent stages, but creating electricity from kinetic energy is a wildly popular research topic these days and this one clearly shows promise, as long as the viruses are as harmless as the researchers say.

  • Northwestern
    I don't think my health is worth the risk of charging my battery.
  • sinusoid
    piezoelectric sidewalks, floors, roads, etc. would be awesome. Do it without the virus though. We don't want 'Legend" to happen.
  • dark_knight33
    Seems like there'd be a good market in the sex toy industry for this. Lots of "mechanical stress", portable power needed, and latex to prevent viral transmission. Perfect if you ask me.
  • Hellbound
    What are the chances of Marin County being invaded by chimps over this?.. lol
  • curiosul
    Am I the only one noticing this doesn't make sense:

    "the harmless kind of organisms that usually make you sick"

  • igot1forya
    Imagine if every key on your keyboard had one of these? Just imaging the possibilities!
  • fatality1515
    "...have found a way to exploit the harmless kind of organisms that usually make you sick to..."

    If it usually makes you sick, it's not harmless is it?
  • rdzona
    curiosulAm I the only one noticing this doesn't make sense:"the harmless kind of organisms that usually make you sick"?
    I saw that too, LOL. You're not the only one, you're just the one out of the 8 people that commented. Wow you're so rare. /sarcasm
  • syrious1
    one step closer to the zombie apocolypse
  • dimar
    I guess this could be a good explanation for zombies rising from the dead, in the upcoming zombie movies..

    Electrical charge keeps them alive, but fries their brain tissue, which is why they have to replenish it :-)