Seeed Debuts Wio RP2040 Mini Wireless Dev Board

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Seeed)

Just this week, Seeed has debuted a brand new, not-yet-available, wireless Raspberry Pi RP2040 board called the Wio RP2040 mini Dev Board.

This new mini Dev board is the first third-party board to feature both the RP2040 chip and wireless support. The first partner board to feature WiFi, Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect was released mere hours ago. It's unconfirmed but this may be the same RP2040 Wi-Fi board teased in an announcement by Seeed a couple of months ago.

Powered by the 'Pi Silicon' RP2040, we have the same dual core Arm Cortex M0+ processor running at upto 133 MHz, 264KB of RAM and 2MB of QSPI flash. Onboard GPIO comprises of 20 multi-function pins including four analog inputs, two I2C channels, SPI, UART and debug. 

The new board comes packed with features guaranteed to pique the interest of at least a few developers and makers. The Wi-Fi module supports 2.GHz band wireless. All of the I/O pins have been broken out into headers. It has two LEDs with one serving as a power indicator while the other can be programmed. There are two buttons, one for the BootSel function and one reset button labelled RUN.

The module accepts 5V for power via a USB C port and sports 2MB of QSPI Flash Memory which is much smaller than Arduino's latest board but with careful use there is plenty of space for a project. 

The product page has the Wio RP2040 mini Dev Board listed with a price tag of $12.95 and shipping will start from the end of June. Read more about this new wireless RP2040 board of the official Seeed Studio Store.

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