Serafim Claims 'World's First' With ODiN Projection Mouse

California-based Serafim has launched a new project on Kickstarter to build ODiN Aurora, the "world's first" projection mouse. So far this project has reeled in 1,000 backers pledging nearly $59,000, already surpassing the goal of $50,000. At press time, the project still has 49 more days to go.

The main selling point of ODiN Aurora, it seems, is the reduction of carpal tunnel. With a traditional mouse, the wrist may be angled and the thumb typically "grips" the mouse. With the ODiN Aurora, the hand rests flat on the table or any other surface the virtual mouse is projected.

The ODiN Aurora projects a virtual mouse onto a flat surface measuring 3.15 inches square. This projection supports multipoint controls and includes both the left- and right-click buttons, a mouse wheel in the form of a triangle, and what appears to be a thumb button. The ODiN Aurora can do anything a regular mouse can do, including scrolling, dragging windows, move the cursor and so on. The projection can even perform zooming in and out.

Serafim's Kickstarter page reassured backers that they shouldn't be concerned about their privacy while using gesture controls, as the device does not include any type of camera that can record the user's hand movements. The company suggested that the device can be used in confidential business meetings and other similar scenarios worry-free.

The actual ODiN Aurora device measures 1.6 x 2 inches and connects to a desktop or laptop via USB. The device contains a laser projection display, an infrared sensor for signal detection, a 90 degree infrared beam and two LED-based "eyes" that provide interaction feedback. Thanks to its small size, the device takes up less space than a traditional mouse.

The project's FAQ revealed that the projection area cannot be reduced or enlarged, nor can the color of the projection be changed (currently it's red). The projection area must also be flat: it doesn't work well on uneven surfaces. The device currently only supports Windows and Mac, the FAQ added.

Those wanting to contribute funds can pledge $49 or more and receive one ODiN Aurora unit in return. There are only four other tiers, the largest one requiring $440 or more that will deliver ten ODiN devices. The company expects to ship the ODiN Aurora devices in June 2015 to anywhere in the world.

Does the ODiN Aurora projection mouse seem like a good idea? The device isn't ideal for PC gaming, but it appears reasonably suited for everyday tasks like surfing the Internet, checking email and so forth. There's no question that it's an interesting device, and it should look rather spiffy sitting on the desktop, especially in the dark.

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  • TechyInAZ
    Looks good! Though I will still buy a mouse since touchpads are slow.
  • lorfa
    That's not a projection mouse, it's a projection touchpad.. : /
  • turkey3_scratch
    A real mouse you use your hand to move it, this seems more finger-based to me.
  • synphul
    Maybe it's just a personal quirk but I can't stand the feeling of continuously rubbing my hand or fingertips across hard surfaces. Can't really stand the feeling of my fingers rubbing over a real touchpad either. It's as bad as nails on a chalkboard for me. Sure I work on table tops or counter tops but I don't sit there and massage them either. No thanks. If I have room in a laptop bag/case for this touchpad projector, I have room for a mouse.
  • ohim
    If it`s not broken why fix it ? Why do we need this over a traditional mouse?
  • scififone
    I would love to know why the evoMouse,, out a few years ago it not considered the first projection mouse. It works on with the same tech, the sensors even look similar.
  • @scififone, agreed. Actually, they even sell projection keyboard/mouse cube combos for 50$ on some chinese import sites.

    Sounds like another scam, where they take an existing product and do a group purchase.
  • cats_Paw
    Im sure pro gamers would love to use it :D.
  • SamQ
    Queer layouts ... stupid chicklet keys ... and now typing in the dark. Is there no end of the assault on typing? < rolling eyes >
  • SamQ
    Opps, my bad. This is a mouse (that takes up 3X the space of a regular mouse). And where do I click again? Oh yeah, I have to pick my hand up (hopefully not disturbing the cursor location) and tap the table somewhere else.

    "With a traditional mouse, the wrist may be angled and the thumb typically "grips" the mouse. With the ODiN Aurora, the hand rests flat on the table ..."

    If you're gripping the mouse and/or your hand isn't resting on the table with a regular mouse, you're holding it wrong, or you've got a terribly-designed mouse (go get a Logitech or something).