Sony Announces Minor PSVR Hardware Revision

Sony revealed that a new version of the PlayStation VR package is in the works. The new version offers minor changes, such as an improved data cable, better headphone jack placement, and a revised Processor Unit.

Last year, Sony had two significant PlayStation hardware releases: The company dropped a higher-end version of the PlayStation 4 console called the PS4 Pro, which offered compatibility with 4K resolution and HDR color; it also took its first foray into the virtual reality market with the release of the PlayStation VR headset.

Given the proximity of the two hardware launches, you would think that Sony would ensure that both parts would work flawlessly together and that they would complement each other. Surprisingly, that isn’t the case. As it stands, the PSVR headset works with the PS4 Pro, but when you have the PSVR’s Processor Box plugged in, you can’t use the PS4 Pro’s HDR capabilities.

Sony is working on a solution for future PSVR owners. The company revealed that it would soon release a second revision of the PSVR, which would include a new HDR-compatible Processor Box. Sony said the HDR pass through is for PS4 content only. It doesn’t work when the PSVR is turned on. If you already own a PSVR headset and the revised features are important to you, you may want to sell your current hardware.

Sony said that the updated Processor Box is not compatible with existing PSVR HMDs because the revised version features a slim data cable with, presumably, a new plug. The new version also features a repositioned headphone jack. On the original PSVR design, the headphone jack is part of the volume and power control box on the audio cable. The headphone jack on the new revision can be found on the body of the HMD.

Sony did not say when the revised PSVR units would hit the market, but the company confirmed that the new version would sell for the same price as the current model. When the revised models hit the market, you’ll be able to distinguish between them by the image on the box. The revision will also carry a new model number. The current PSVR is CUH-ZVR1; the new version would say CUH-ZVR2 on the box.  

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

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    They need to make a PS4 Pro that has the processor box integrated & a front-panel HMD port. I don't want two boxes, and I don't want to reach around behind anything.