Sony Has a Thermal Sheet as Good as Thermal Paste

Sony recently demonstrated a thermal sheet, which the company claims is matching paste in thermal performance, but besting it in lifetime.

Called EX20000C, the sheet was shown at Techno-Frontier 2012 in Tokyo last week, where the paste kept a CPU at a stable 53 degrees Celsius, and the thermal sheet kept it at 50 degrees Celsius. There was no information on the processor used in the demonstration.

According to Sony, the sheet is between 0.3 and 2.0mm thick and features a thermal resistance of 0.4-0.2K·cm2/W. Sony has offered thermal pads for some time, such as the EX50000, which, however, cannot match the performance of thermal paste.

"The EX20000C is the first sheet that has such a low thermal resistance," the company said, according to an article published by Tech-On.

There was no information when the EX20000C could become commercially available.

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    Can't wait for this stuff to become more available and sites like Toms to give it a real test across different thermal pastes (like the ones mentioned in other comments) , CPUs and overclocks.
  • thorkle
    Try using Arctic Silver 5 and do this again...
    punnarThis would make it easier for novice builders in terms of application.

    Not just. Everyone but extreme overclockers or people who want to get dirty would use it. I have applied the paste tons of times and all successful and yielded good results but it's just messy and you have to watch for bubbles etc. With product like Sony's I think my life would be much easier. Need to have a look at it first but I do like the idea.
    My moto is simple - if it works within 5-10% margin of best product and is much easier to use - it IS the best product.
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  • thorkle
    Try using Arctic Silver 5 and do this again...
  • victorious 3930k
    AS5 is CRAP.
  • americanbrian
    MX-3 is my TIM of choice...