Speedlink Obsidia Mouse Looks Like A Ball, Promises To Feel Like A Dream

There are ergonomic mice, like the just-announced Speedlink Omnivi, and then there are ergonomic mice, like the Speedlink Obsidia. The latter doesn’t just have flashy curves like some other mice in Speedlink’s lineup; it’s rounded, almost like a ball, and is designed to reduce wrist strain for gamers and typers alike.

Speedlink sold a vertical mouse called the Manejo, but this one is different. The grip is in the same orientation as any normal mouse, but the spherical shape should give you a commensurately rounded grip. Ostensibly, this will allow it to reduce wrist strain.

It looks sort of like the Obsidia forces you into a claw grip, but you can actually rest your hand on the mouse. The thumb area on the Obsidia is recessed in order to provide more grip, and the finish all around is rubberized.

Although you could certainly use the Obsidia for gaming, it doesn’t have a high-end sensor. Speedlink didn’t specify who makes the sensor, but it’s an optical sensor with a DPI range of 800-3,200. (There’s a DPI switcher that toggles between four presets.) It also lacks software support, so don’t expect to program the buttons or create macros, and there’s no lighting. It is, though, a plug-and-play device.

Speedlink lists the Obsidia as a five-button mouse, but we count six: left and right click, forward/back navigation, DPI button, and the scroll wheel.

The Obsidia will cost just $30 from Amazon, Best Buy (online), and Fry’s when it debuts in February.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Speedlink Obsidia Ergonomic Mouse
TypeRight-handed, “ergonomic”
DPI800-3,200 (four presets)
Buttons6 total, non-programmable:-L/R click-DPI button-Right-side forward/back-Scroll wheel
Dimensions87 × 113 × 44mm/approx. 3.4 x 4.4 x 1.7 inches (W×D×H)
Weight100g (3.5 oz.)
AvailabilityFebruary 2017

Update, 1/12/17, 2:34pm PT: This article originally stated that the Manejo was no longer being sold on Speedlink's site. The company reached out to clarify that it is, indeed, still for sale, but that the link was buried and not present on the main product page. This is the link.

  • grimfox
    If you can't remap the DPI button to do something else, and it isn't providing a input to the PC, then I'd call it a five button mouse too.