Spire Reveals a New Ergonomic Mouse

Spire has announced its new Archer ICE ergonomic mouse, which is aimed at being comfortable and reducing RSI symptoms.

Spire claims that the mouse places your fingers and palm in a more natural position than with traditional mice, and as such, it is a much healthier solution for those who use their mice more than eight hours per day. Inside the mouse we find an optical sensor; outside of it there is a 1.5 meter USB cable.

The mouse comes with the standard left and right buttons, a scroll wheel click, forward and backwards buttons, as well as a DPI switcher to switch between 1000 and 1600 DPI sensitivity.

The mouse will be available around the world before the end of the summer and will carry a US price tag of $49.95. It also comes with a two year manufacturer warranty.

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  • ksham
    Definitely not for left-handers. Even for right-handers, moving the mouse would be annoying. My last two fingers would be in an awkward position and moving the arm at that angle is actually more work. I guess if someone wants to work and give their arm a workout at the same time, it may work out. But for me, no thanks. There are better ways. Also, not very grippable. Looks big too.
  • Gam3r01
    Natural? From what I can see you just rotate your wrist to the right, which would be more unnatural for someone like me (I have a ganglionic cyst in my right wrist)
    If we can get a picture of a hand on this it might make more sense...
  • knowom
    How about making a damn modern trackball mouse if you care about ergonomics.