The 2019 Steam Summer Sale Levels Out With Sizzling Deals After Rocky Start

(Image credit: Valve Corp.)

It's not Amazon Prime Day yet, but Steam's annual summer sale is underway, and that means it's time to start racking up plenty of PC titles you probably don't have time for, as long as you can get the store to stay online long enough to browse.

The 2019 Steam Summer Sale was off to a lukewarm start on Tuesday (June 25), as it immediately hit a snag upon kicking off earlier in the day. As soon as the sizzling hot deals went live or the summer, users began reporting error screens and difficulty accessing the storefront. This resulted in a flood of would-be bargain hunters being kept from accessing the tasty sales on offer from Steam. It happens every year, or at least it feels like it, so this wasn't anything particularly new.

Luckily, about an hour later, Steam was able to sustain itself long enough to support the mass exodus of gamers looking to get their favorite title for a great deal. There will be different offerings of games on sale during the sale at drastically reduced prices, from classic games tones releases at some seriously impressive prices. 

Right now, here's a selection of some pretty excellent deals: 

This year's fun little gimmick includes a community-driven feature called Steam Grand Prix, which is a collection of "quests" you can complete simply by playing games on Steam. Every game played gets your team's car closer to the finish line. At the end of each day during the sale, the first, second, and third-place winners will be gifted the top game on their Steam Wishlists.
The sale is set to go on until July 9, so make sure you grab the deals you're interested in while you still can. 

  • the_crippler're saying that Steam had access issues at the start of the summer sale? Well, color me SHOCKED.

    (Seriously, if it was back up within an hour as the article says, that's the real story here, because that's amazingly fast.)