StereoPi V2 Will Use New Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

StereoPi V2
(Image credit: StereoPi)

The StereoPi project brings stereo video capability to the Raspberry Pi. The kit is designed to use Raspberry Pi camera modules for recording and capturing images in stereo. Today we're excited about the release of the new StereoPi v2 project which uses the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 as its main board!

The new Compute Module 4 brings a few new features to improve the usability of the final stereo camera. It has more power than the previous edition and includes built-in support for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Stereo Pi v2

(Image credit: Stereo Pi)
  • Native stereoscopic mode – supported by Raspberry OS since 2014.
  • Full Raspberry OS compatibility out-of-the-box
  • Standard 65mm distance between the camera connectors
  • Two USB A connectors and one 4-pin male USB header on board
  • Open source!

The new kit is also planned to feature Gigabit Ethernet as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE) using an optional PoE HAT. It also has a configurable power switch and, according to a recent tweet, a new 2" IPS display for a live view of the camera feed.

Stereo Pi v2

(Image credit: StereoPi)

You can read more about the new Stereo Pi V2 project, and even help support it, on the Crowd Supply project page.

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