Steve Jobs' Yacht Surfaces; Features His Minimalist Design

More than one year after his death, Steve Jobs' superyacht is making its first experience. Christened after "Venus", the Roman goddess of beauty, love, prosperity and victory, features an elegant design of simplicity, clean lines, smooth surfaces and plenty of glass.

The blog One More Thing was first to reveal the pictures, which were apparently taken in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, and the site of De Vries, a division of the custom yacht builder Feadship. The yacht, designed by Philippe Starck, is apparently 240 ft long and, while we do not see much of the interior of the ship, there are seven iMac lined up next to each other on the bridge. One More Thing also mentions a sun terrace with a jacuzzi, as well as a speed boat in the back.

Each of the people who worked on the ship received an iPod Shuffle with a custom engraving as a "thank you" from the Jobs family.

The yacht also closely resembles the description we got in Water Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, when he referred to as a leek and minimalist design with "perfectly flat" teak decks and large cabin window panes. Venus appears to have been Jobs' final private project he wanted to finish: "I know that it’s possible I will die and leave Laurene with a half-built boat," Isaacson quoted him. "But I have to keep going on it. If I don’t, it’s an admission that I’m about to die."

Steve Jobs' yacht Venus unveiled in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

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  • freggo
    What an ugly piece of marine craft; and I have plenty to compare to in southern Florida.
    Paul Allen's boat was docked not far from me and even that looked better. Also it was a typical "mine is bigger than yours" design of course.
  • ivyanev
    Minimalistic yes - beautiful - not in my eyes .
  • internetlad
    I lol'd at the "iPod shuffle to everybody who worked on the boat"

    Really? A shuffle? Couldn't have sprung for at least the nano?

    He must have been feeling the economic squeeze, what with only being paid $1.00 a year and all.
  • Other Comments
  • tuffjuff
    R.I.P. SJ
  • dxwarlock
    That is one strange looking boat..
    I had to look at the pics about 4 times before I realized "OK I see the pier or dock its suppose to be at..where is it?"
    To realize it WAS the boat.
    Minimalism is one thing..'flat and wedge shaped' is another...
  • ivyanev
    Minimalistic yes - beautiful - not in my eyes .