Stream Your PC Games Using This 3D Printed Raspberry Pi Handheld

(Image credit: Tombston)

Streaming platforms like Steam Link and in this case Moonlight make it possible to play modern PC titles using a Raspberry Pi. Project creator Tombston used Moonlight for this awesome 3D-printed Raspberry Pi handheld.

Instead of emulating games on the Pi, this system is designed to stream them wirelessly from a PC. This requires much less power from both the CPU and GPU, so you don't need a powerful Pi module to pull this project off.

The handheld uses a 5.5" Waveshare screen with a 1080p resolution. A Raspberry Pi Zero W is used to control the whole operation. But instead of using the built-in Wi-Fi from the Pi Zero, Tombston opted to use a USB wireless dongle.

(Image credit: Tombston)

The buttons were recycled from old Dual Shock knock-off controllers. A 5000mAh LiPo battery makes the handheld totally portable. The case, as well as the triggers and bumpers, were 3D printed from a custom design.

If you'd like to read more about this project, check out the full post on Reddit for a video demonstration and brief overview of the build process.

Ash Hill
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