Tom's Hardware: GeIL DDR2 test samples faster than commercial devices

Westlake Village (CA) and Munich (Germany) - The first pair of DDR2 modules has completed its test track in the latest edition of Tom's Hardware's Stress Test series. Surprisingly, the test samples of GeIL DDR2 memory we received for another review, was able to reach substantially higher clock speeds than memory we purchased just for this Stress Test.

According to measurements of Tom's Hardware, the commercial DDR2-667 (333 MHz) memory peaked at a clock speed of 421 MHz (DDR2-842). Our test samples provided by the manufacturer raced past that mark and topped out at 471 MHz (DDR2-942).

The difference between the test and commercial memory ended up to be about 12%, which is significantly higher than we expected. Typically, consumers should expect to see only a 2 to 3% difference in maximum clock speed of these memory modules.

Tom's Hardware has requested a statement from GeIL, but has not received an answer so far.

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