Super Talent USB 3.0 Express RC4, RC8 Drives Receive Windows-To-Go Certification

Super Talent has become one of the few memory manufacturers to meet Microsoft's technical requirements and be certified for Windows-To-Go with the release of their Express RC 4 and RC 8 USB 3.0 flash drives. Windows-To-Go is a new feature included with Windows 8 Enterprise and allows users to run a custom image of the Operating System off a compatible flash drive and consequently have access to their personal settings and Enterprise technologies such as Group Policy and BitLocker.

It is worth noting that both drives provide a fairly common Read / Write performance of 240 / 100 MB/s (RC 4) and 270 / 240 MB/s (RC 8) on USB 3.0. Consequently, it would seem viable to run Windows-To-Go on any comparable flash drive providing that the appropriate drivers can be provided.

The Super Talent Express RC 4 and RC 8 are available in 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB variants and have a starting price of $99.

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  • anti-painkilla
    Windows To Go is awesome. I have it installed on a USB 3.0 120GB SSD. Really handy when you want to borrow someone else's laptop or troubleshooting.

    As cool as keeping these on a keyring or in your pocket, the cost is hard to justify. Even on USB 2.0 I see minimal delays, though I have not run games off it.

    Also use Bit-Locker incase it goes walk abouts.