Super Talent Claims Its SSDs Can Rock Intel's

Intel SSDs still hold the market for the ultimate in performance, but that could change very soon.

Intel, being a manufacturer of memory products, designed and manufactured its own SSD controller. To the surprise of many in the industry, its controller really kicked ass and left other SSDs in some real hurt. However, this was mostly all due to SSD companies utilizing controllers from JMicron, specifically the 602 controller. Not only did that controller perform horribly in random access performance, it also caused stuttering.

To combat this, some manufacturers utilized two JMicron controllers and added more cache memory. Unfortunately, this drove up cost some and still, the dual-controller drives failed to impress.

Super Talent, along with several other companies like Patriot Memory and OCZ, are now moving over to SSD controllers from Indilinx. So far, we've been impressed with these new SSDs, and while they do come very close to matching Intel's fastest, they're still slightly slower.

Super Talent says that its Indilinx SSDs not only match but also exceed Intel's best. MLC to MLC, SLC to SLC--Super Talent says that it has finally cracked the SSD code, and claims now it can bring to market a drive that actually beats Intel's SSDs in performance but also cost lower.

We're holding out on making a conclusion until we get Super Talent's drives in our labs, but this is great news for those who have been holding out on making the SSD upgrade.

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  • kelfen
    wait; some benchmarks to back it up cuz intel got some beastly sdd speed
  • eklipz330
    actually, because of the indilinx controllers, the newer ocz/g.skill ssd's are way faster than intel's drives at read speeds, enough to justify the small speed increase the intel's have on write
  • apache_lives
    Intels first gen still kicks ass, and as for other brands being quicker, dont care i dont trust them compared to Intel who knows what to do with sillicon etc, and this is the same reason no other company tries to make hdd's like WD, Seagate etc - who would you trust? a company that has been doing it for years, or an amateur company? Ill stick with Intel here.