Larger Surface Pro 2 Models Not Shipping Until December

In September, Microsoft showered the rumor mill with loads of truth about the upcoming second-generation Surface tablets, opening up pre-orders on September 24 for the Tegra 4-based Surface 2 (sans the RT) and the Haswell-based Surface Pro 2. The release date was originally scheduled to be on October 22, just days after Microsoft floods customers with the Windows 8.1 update, but now many Surface releases have seen a bit of a delay.

The Microsoft Store reveals that the $899 Surface Pro 2 64 GB model will ship to customers on October 21, one day early. However, the 32 GB and 64 GB Surface 2 models aren't scheduled to ship until October 25. The same goes for the 128 GB model of the Surface Pro 2, also experiencing a slight delay, which previously was marked as out of stock.

For customers looking to scoop up the more expensive 256 GB and 512 GB Surface Pro 2 models, these units won't ship until December 15. The original batch that went on sale when Microsoft opened up the pre-purchases last month have sold out, and will reportedly ship on October 21.

Currently, the Type Cover 2, selling for $129.99, is only sold in Purple. The Charcoal version is listed as "out of stock" while the Cyan and Magenta covers are listed as "coming soon." The Charcoal Touch Cover 2 can be pre-ordered for $119.99 now, and then ship on October 29. Additional accessories compatible with these tablets can be found here.

As a quick reference, here is what Microsoft is listing in regards to price and ship dates:

  • Surface Pro 2 64 GB          $899    October 21
  • Surface Pro 2 128 GB        $999    October 25
  • Surface Pro 2 256 GB     $1,299    December 15
  • Surface Pro 2 512 GB     $1,799    December 15
  • Surface 2 32 GB              $449    October 25
  • Surface 2 64 GB              $549    October 25

UPDATE: The two Surface Pro 2 prices have been fixed, as well as the info about the larger tablets. Thanks for the feedback! -KP

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  • stevejnb
    Lame... Out of my price range, and I've already got a Windows 8 pro tablet I'll be happy with for a year or two, but those big models with the 8gb of RAM are the type of thing I'll be looking at in the future.

    Also, you've got two of the Surface Pro 2 models listed for $89 and $99 respectively... I may well end up having to buy one if those are the prices.
  • michael908
    A quick glance at the price chart I though "Whoa, finally Microsoft became aggressive with pricing" then i realized it was a typo.
  • Pinhedd
    $99? Come on Toms