Microsoft May Introduce Surface Mini Tablet in June

Unnamed sources in Taiwan's supply chain claim that Microsoft plans to launch "an array" of new mobile devices with displays 8.5 inches and below in June during Computex 2014. One of these will likely be the Surface Mini we've heard about for months and thought to be arriving on the market in April.

However, there's an interesting tidbit from DigiTimes that describes "an integrated OS derived from Windows RT and Windows Phone." The quote seems to hint that the devices revealed in June will feature the end result of a merged Windows Phone and Windows RT.

Sources state that Microsoft will initially tackle the 8.5-inch and below segment in the smartphone and tablet markets because the line between the two have become blurred. Does this mean Microsoft may release a "Surface" phone after all? Maybe the company is planning to reveal a smartwatch? We can only speculate.

Originally, the Surface Mini tablet was expected to launch alongside the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Sources said that didn't happen because members of the Surface Mini team were pulled off the project to get the Xbox One finalized and consumer ready.

Sources are now claiming that the Surface Mini will have the ability to recognize the user's face and hand movements. Sources also said it will likely work much smoother than "Air Gestures" used by the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. The Surface Mini will even sport a 1080p display, an Intel "Bay Trail" chip, and run the full Windows 8.1 Update 1.

So what exactly will be shown at Computex? It probably won't be the Surface 2 with LTE support, as it doesn't fit within the 8.5 inches and below form factor category. That device will likely show up this April along with the Office "Metro" apps we've been waiting for.

Keep in mind that all this Computex talk stems from unnamed sources, so we'll have to just wait and see what surprises Microsoft has in store between April and June.

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  • BJohnX
    I like the idea making a tablet with phone calls,. but 2 things I disagree for this Surface Phone idea which wouldn't make me buy it: 1) Too small screen, I am hoping that Microsoft would release a bigger Surface 2 Pro, because 10.8 inches feels like too small, and 8.5 is even more terrible for working. 2) Surface RT can't install any program outside the app store, but it's more going to be a phone so whatever, it's not going to be a working station or low-mid end gaming PC.If Microsoft would make a Surface tablet, which is 13" - 15" 1080p screen, which runs Windows 8.1 (or 9 in time), has about the same specs as Surface Pro 2 but better GPU, AND including Windows Phone features, then I'd be greatly pleased, as I can replace it with my desktop and crappy standard phone, which can even run PC GAMES on it!
    Make me a 17" Surface Pro 2 or 3 tablet and I'm on board! Particularly if the keyboard layout is identical to a desktop keyboard, WITH a number pad, arrows and the 9 buttons above the arrows most people don't use (I use them).
  • Zetto
    14 inch, the same size as a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper, it's a tried and tested size arrived at over many years of experimentation. Business would snap them up like candy, pure gold. I don't get why it's not here yet, panel cost?