RC1 of Suse 10.1 Linux released

The first release candidate of the upcoming Suse 10.1 has been released by the OpenSUSE Project. Code named "Agama Lizard", Suse 10.1 RC1 comes with OpenOffice 2.0 and an updated Firefox browser. In addition, the distribution includes a spam filtering program, a firewall and an antivirus software.

The OpenSUSE project releases free versions of the Suse Linux operating system. The commercial version available through Novell includes support, paper manuals and some additional commercial software.

Suse Linux 10.1 RC1 consists of five CDs can be downloaded via the ftp site or with Bittorrent. Testers who want a bare text installation can download the just the first disc. According to the OpenSuse project, the RC2 should be available sometime next week.