T-Mobile Doesn't Believe In Borders, Offers Free Calling To Mexico, Canada

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, doesn't like rules and restrictions, and he doesn't believe in charging customers unjustly for cross-border communication. Today he made the announcement that T-Mobile is launching Mobile Without Borders, which will automatically be included with all Simple Choice plans and will do away with the high costs of international travel and calling within North America. 

Starting July 15, all the latest Simple Choice plans from T-Mobile will come with Mobile Without Boarders at no extra cost. All mobile customers will be able to not only make calls and send texts to any Canadian or Mexican phone number, they will also be able to freely travel without roaming and data charges going up.

Legere described going across the border into either country as being just as seamless as traveling from state to state. The only limitation is access to 4G LTE connection, and T-Mobile has created a comprehensive list of all the cities that are supported (opens in new tab) by Mobile Without Borders. Calls originating from and received anywhere in these three countries are all included in the package. For example, if you travel to Canada, and make a call to someone in Mexico, there is no additional cost.

Simple Choice plans from T-Mobile already come with a host of pro-consumer features, such as the lack of an annual fee, no data overage fees, unlimited data and texting in 120+ countries, unlimited music streaming without using up data limits, and Data Stash, which lets you roll unused data into the next month. All new customers, prepaid and postpaid alike, will automatically be enrolled, and current customers can switch to a new plan online or in-store with no additional fee. Business customers can switch the first 10 numbers at no additional cost, and each additional line after that will incur a $1 fee.

Mobile Without Borders is the latest feature to be added to T-Mobile's Uncarrier Simple Choice packages, but Legere promised more to come in the coming weeks, and we may even see more announcements as early as next week.

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  • stratplaya
    They should first shore up their coverage in this country. We used to be on T-Mobile and signal quality was not very good.
  • stevenrix
    It's a nice move to be able to call to Mexico from the USA without extra charges. There has been a monopoly by telecom operators to charge a huge amount of money to Hispanic people. On another note when their network work, it is crystal clear, but when it does not work, depending on your location it can be a real pain.
    I got some technical issues with T-Mobile in my area (78728) with slow speed of 0.5 mbs, but they sent me a signal booster for free. In other areas (78729 for example) I can get 30 mbs off their network and 8mbs in upload. It's pricey too, but still was the most affordable telecom operator compared to AT&T or other companies.
    I use my phone more and more for data than voice, it's the big trend of 2015 and it's going to be this way until voice operation disappears slowly but surely.
    I also need to rely on T-Mobile for international roaming when I go to France to visit my family, no other network operator was able to do that.
  • eklipz330
    They should first shore up their coverage in this country. We used to be on T-Mobile and signal quality was not very good.
    wtf how does this even make sense? this is clearly a simple thing to change, but first you want them to increase coverage? what? i dont even.
  • JamesSneed
    I understood just fine. He is saying whats the point in being able to use your phone to make calls to/from Canada and Mexico for free if you don't have service in the US? Seems like a rather valid point since I had similar issues. I would really consider T-Mobile if they had better service in the areas I frequent which both Verizon and ATT have great coverage but T-Mobile does not.
  • applegetsmelaid
    I need a guantana-mer-aaaaaaaaaaa!