The Steam Winter Sale Has Begun

Valve Steam Winter Sale 2019
(Image credit: Valve)

Valve today announced that its annual Steam Winter Sale will run from now until January 2, 2020 at 10am PT. The company also introduced a Holiday Market where they can find "The Steam Winter Sale Coupon, new Chat Stickers, new Chat Room Effects and more," as well as Holiday Quests that will go live throughout the event.

This should be the last Steam sale of 2019. Valve already held the Steam Spring Sale, Steam Summer Sale, Steam Halloween Sale and Steam Autumn Sale; it would be hard for it to cram another event into the remaining weeks of the calendar year. (Especially since the Steam Winter Sale itself won't end until 2020's already landed.)

Valve said the Steam Winter Sale will offer "massive savings on thousands of titles." That includes discounts on individual titles as well as franchise-wide sales that make it easy to collect an entire series without breaking the bank. Sales offering discounts between 30% and 85% off select titles have already taken over the Steam homepage.

Steam users can earn Festivity Tokens to spend in the Holiday Market by purchasing these discounted titles and completing Holiday Quests. Token prices vary based on the selected item: Emoticons cost 100 tokens; Chat Stickers and Profile Backgrounds cost 500 or 700; and The Winter Badge and Chat Room Effects cost 1,000.

But the most high-ticket items in the Holiday Market are the Steam Winter Sale Coupon, which offers a $5 discount on the shopper's next purchase, and the Winter Profile. (Which expires on February 24, 2020.) Both cost 5,000 tokens apiece. A list of the currently active Holiday Quests that grant these tokens can be found right here.

Nathaniel Mott
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