Thermaltake Introduces Multiple Water Cooling Radiator Lineups, Options Galore

Thermaltake has been making moves into the water cooling market over the past year. The company recently launched a line of pumps, water blocks, and even fittings. With the most recent launch, Thermaltake is now offering its own lineup of radiators, and there are options for almost any build you can think of.

There are two separate series of radiators: The Pacific RL series is a line of what Thermaltake calls ultra-thick radiators, and the Pacific R series is comprised of slimmer radiators that will fit in more confined cases.

Both lines of Pacific radiators from Thermaltake employ the same design and manufacturing characteristics. Each of these radiators is manufactured with laser-cut aerospace-grade aluminum that has been treated with zinc to mitigate corrosion. Each one features 13 flattened heat pipes and run through densely packed aluminum fins; Thermaltake said there are 13 fins per inch. The company said this configuration is optimized for high-pressure fans.

Theremaltake Pacific radiators are hand assembled, and then brazed at 1,022-degrees Fahrenheit for nearly an hour. This process melts the metal and fuses the parts together evenly, as opposed to using welds. The company said this process ensures uniform heat transfer between the tubes and fins. 

The Pacific RL series radiators are all over 50 mm thick and come in a variety of sizes. For 140 mm fans, the RL series offers RL140, RL280, RL420 and RL560 radiators in black; and for 120 mm fans, RL120, RL240 and RL360 radiators are available in both black and white. There is a 480 mm RL480 as well that is only offered in black.

The Pacific R series consists of slimmer radiators, but they are not available with the same sizes and color options. Thermaltake will be offering the R series with the most popular 120 mm fan radiator sizes. Pacific R120, R240 and R360 options are available, but the R series will not include a 480 mm variant. The Pacific R will not be catering to the 140 mm fan size either, but Thermaltake is releasing three options designed for 180 mm fans: the Pacific R180S, R360S and R540S. These slimmer radiators are all less than 50 mm thick.

You can see the manufacturing process in action here.

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  • gilbadon
    I just wish they made copper rads. It looks like they make a good radiator but I do not want to mix my metals to test em out.
  • thundervore
    I wish that they would use the same radiator technology Silverstone uses with their radiators, or at lease a copper core
  • Lutfij
    Clearly Thermaltake haven't learnt anything from their past mistakes and of that Zalman had made in history. Aluminium core radiators are a big no-no. When you give a loop enough time, mitigation wont help, and with the right conditions you have a nice recipe for corrosion and disaster all round.

    I'll pass up on this lineup anyday and if this trend continues with Thermaltake's ,Swiftech re-branded copper waterblock, they can also consider giving up on their LCS idea as they did almost a decade ago.

    Sorry for the negativity but I'm more worried about my investments than my aesthetics and performance points at this stage.
  • Darkbreeze
    ^^^Amen to that.