This DIY Raspberry Pi Laptop Looks Like a Tiny MacBook Pro

Michael Pick
(Image credit: Michael Pick)

Raspberry Pi maker and enthusiast Michael Pick has created an ultra-small MacBook Pro wannabe using the power of a single-board computer and a healthy amount of 3D printing. The DIY laptop will appeal to anyone who has dreamed of owning the world's smallest MacBook

This isn't Pick's first foray into tiny Raspberry Pi-powered Mini PCs. We previously covered his super-small gaming desktop, which was so thorough it featured a 3D-printed GPU.

The MacBook Mini he shared this week uses a Raspberry Pi 4 running a Mac look-a-like Raspbian skin called iRaspian. Since the advent of Raspberry Pi OS, users can now take advantage of Twister OS to get the look and feel of a Mac with the latest Raspberry Pi OS.

The MacBook Mini design features a glowing, 3D-printed Apple logo on the rear side of the screen. It even uses a MagSafe power adapter for charging, and Pick also 3D printed the system's chassis. According to Pick, he was able to run both Chrome and Minecraft with no issues.

If you want to explore this project or see more of his work, you can follow Michael Pick on his official YouTube channel.

Ash Hill
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